Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, so much for being a faithful blogger.  I really had good intentions of blogging quite frequently, but to be honest at times I completely forgot I had started this blog!  Whenever I would remember, I would be doing something else and couldn't post anything new at that time, and then I would forget to later on.  Typical me.  I'm always forgetting to do things that I reminded myself I needed to do earlier in the day.  O well life goes on. Well, as I'm sure ALLL of my followers are wondering (joke), I kinda just want to give a little synopsis of how my summer is going so far.  This summer I am going to be working at a day camp through Neighborhood Focus, which is a ministry that my church here in Greenville is very involved in.  This day camp is for underprivileged kids, and most are either at or below the poverty level.  I am really excited to start, I had wanted to do this last summer, but some things didn't work out so I wasn't able to.  This is something that I would be interested in doing once I graduate college.  I have really been interested in working with underprivileged kids in a low income area.  So, this is something that will either reinforce my desire to work with them, or lead me down a different path.  Anyways, I have had some downtime since I have gotten home.  My job doesn't start until June 13th so I have had some time to chill and relax.  I have babysat quite a bit for my neighbors and my dad's boss, so that has been nice to have some extra money!  I have slept late and just relaxed at my house, which is perfectly alright with me!  I can't tell you how many times while at school that I got to sleep past 9:00 and just sit on the couch and watch TV.  For me, it is really relaxing and I enjoy it!  I promise to do better about blogging.  I'm sure once I start work I will definitely blog some more, because I'm going to want to share my experiences with the kids!! But for now, in the words of Glozell, Peace and Blessings!

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